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What's your flex? Ours is that we're able to offer our bestselling brand FlexFit hats for under $6. We can't help but to show off that we've got FlexFit for under six.

It's hard to be humble when it comes to FlexFit hats. You know all about them. FlexFit has their own flex in that their fit is genuinely flexible. It's something they're famous for, so no flexin' in saying they're one of the best brands for hats and caps.

We can brag these Flexfit hats are all under $6. And we're not holding back the good stuff—because it's all good stuff. FlexFit hats are absolutely unmatched with their huge selection of styles, fashion-forward designs, collection of colors, and on-point trends. So shop for baseball caps, truckers, dad hats, and more. You'll find an assortment of profiles, paneling, structures, brims, washes, and fabrics, all under $6. FlexFit's own Omnimesh? Try one for six.

Another flex is that we here at Blank Caps have been your trusted online wholesale headwear supplier since 2001, but how can we keep offering you these kinds of deals? We're able to to buy in bulk, so you don't have to. Buy one or buy a bunch. There's no minimum or maximum for your order, even for FlexFit hats for $6.

No need to be humble. Start showing off in your own Flexfit for under six.

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FlexFit 6511


6511 - Fitted Trucker Hat


One Size
33 Colors

FlexFit 110M


110M - Mesh-Back Trucker Hat


One Size
20 Colors